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Trey Anastasio - Shine

Monday, 25 December 2006 16:17 MakoMako 0 Comments
ImageTrack listing:

1. Shine
2. Tuesday
3. Invisible
4. Come As Melody
5. Air Said To Me
6. Wherever You Find It
7. Sweet Dreams Melinda
8. Love Is Freedom
9. Sleep Again
10. Spin
11. Black
12. Love That Breaks All The Lines

A record by Trey Anastasio, former frontman of the band Phish, which shows off the amazing guitar skill that he possesses. The album as a whole has a very tight and clean sound...

A record that was brought out by Trey Anastasio, former frontman of the band Phish, which shows off the amazing guitar skill that he possesses. The album as a whole possesses a very tight and clean sound, very odd for Trey Anastasio and Phish. There are almost no times were it seems as though a jam is going to continue on forever. Although I personally miss the impromptu jams of Phish, many prefer this clean and polished sound that Trey shows in this album. Each track is unique and very much its own tune.

Note: I will only touch on a few tracks, as I could go on for days about the album.

Track 1 - Shine
The song that bares the same title as the album it is on, Shine. Opening with a powerful acoustic strum, the song carries itself with a very up-tempo and strong voicing. By the time the chorus rolls around, the song has already built upon itself so much, it is a wonder if it can truly build any more. The answer is yes, and the chorus rolls past and reveals itself building more and more as the verses continue on. A truly inspirational song.

Track 2 - Tuesday
Opening with a strong electric guitar riff and accompaniment by drums. It quickly takes a soft dip from the powerful intro, but never truly loses any intensity. The lyrics are clearly quite abstract, as it can have many possible meanings, or maybe even no meaning at all? The guitar continues to play-throughout but taking dips and rises in how prominent, but it always apparent.

Track 7 - Sweet Dreams Melinda
One of the softer and more heart-felt tunes on the album. Seeming to be a song revolving around the memories of a past love, one that continued through seasons and years. Although there is no time when one might feel almost over-pressed by the instrumental and vocals, Trey's voice shines in its control, as well as how smooth it truly is. Although the main guitar is distorted electric, it still maintains a very soft and blissful feel throughout the entire track. My personal favourite.

Track 9 - Sleep Again
One of my favourite guitar riffs on the entire album. It is uncluttered and controlled, but very powerful and memorable. The guitar acts almost as its own chorus during the song, but does not pull away from the spectacular vocals of Trey. The lyrics are quite simple, and uncluttered as well. Overall, a very uplifting tune despite the soft feel.

Overall: 8/10
A truly wonderful album. I admit, I miss the good 'ol sound of Phish moving into an almost random jam that one could never expect, but it is still very much the Trey Anastasio we all know and love. I recommend a great deal.